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Strap Disposable Camera Kit

Strap Disposable Camera Kit

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Physical Prints (Includes Shipping)

Why is it called a kit? Great question, because it includes everything you need to shoot on film.

What is everything?

- A single-use camera with 27 exposures. It is loaded with 400ISO color film and is the best (self-proclaimed but you can see for yourself) disposable camera on the market.

- Film Development - Yes, your film needs to get developed before it can be scanned and digitized. We run your film through chemicals (bleach, fixer, rinse, developer to be exact) to turn your negative into a scannable positive. This brings us to the next part of the kit, the digital scans.

- High-Resolution Digital Scans - Once developed, we run your film through a high-resolution scanner to digitize the photos. We then upload these scans to a downloadable link and send them to the phone number(s) and email(s) registered to that camera. 

- Free Shipping To + From - Yes, free. We hate paying for shipping so we didn't want to make you pay for it either. Also, you're probably asking what does to and from me. Well, it is pretty self-explanatory, we cover the cost of shipping from our warehouse to your front door. We also cover the shipping of you sending the film back to us to get developed. As mentioned above, we need to physically develop and scan your film to get you your photos. We cover that shipping cost as well.

- Physical Prints - If selected yes, we will ship your physical prints of your photos to the shipping address after developing. If they need to be shipped to a different address, please email with your order number and the proper address.

We hope this answers the question, why is it a kit? If you have any other questions please DM us at @strapphotoclub or email

*A box can contain up to 4 cameras. If you would like them shipped in separate boxes, please place individual orders.

*** We are not responsible for any lost or damaged packages ***

How to use

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2. Take Photos

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