The Best Way to Shoot on Film

No More Struggling with Development and Photo Sharing

  • Includes Free Shipping, Return Shipping, and Development
  • Digital Scans of Your Film Sent to Your Phone
  • Photo Sharing with Friends - Scan Camera to Join
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"We started Strap out of a deep love and passion for moments. Both creating new ones and living in the current one. These cameras allow us to spend less time trying to get the “perfect” photo and more time actually living in the moment. Being present with the people you’re with and the environment you’re in."

-Matt & Casey

  • Register Camera

    Scan the QR code on the back of your camera and register yourself. This tells us where to send your photos. After you are registered, your friends can scan to add them selves to the camera as well.

  • Take Photos

    The fun part! Make memories that will last a lifetime. Some tips for best results:


    -Shoot subjects 3-9 feet way

    -Watch your finger

  • Free Shipping Both Ways

    No one likes to pay shipping, so we cover it both ways. Scan QR code on the back of camera for free shipping options.

  • Receive Memories

    Within 7 days of receiving your cameras, we will develop and scan the film. Once scanned we will send everyone that was registered to the camera a link to download their digital scans via text. We can't wait to develop your memories!